You can avail our grooming services to keep your tail-wagger best friend looking at his best. Our experts would give your dog a relaxing experience during the process. Feel free to contact us, to set your appointment or visit us here directly at the hotel.


Our professional stylists can execute any style you might want to achieve for your dog. Our facility is equipped with high-quality tools and complete with industry standards equipment. Your dog will not only look great but also feel great after each session.


Most dog parents dread this part, dematting their dog. It is difficult and might hurt your dog if not done carefully. Our experts can handle this problem for you. We are ready to bring back the long shiny locks your dog once had.

Ear Cleaning and Teeth Brushing

We care about hygiene so much. Bathing is not enough. Our ear cleaning and teeth brushing services are done with utmost care. We have developed techniques for hard-won dogs, so that every session will be a bliss.


Cuddling time with your dog will be more fun if your dog smells great. Here at Hondenpension Fryskelan, we use a wide range of pet care products for every need.


Our pawdicure covers all the issues about nails. We offer nail grind, nail painting, and trimming. Keeping your dog’s nail trimmed is advisable especially if you have kids at home; however, not all dogs like the idea. Stop chasing around, bring your dog here, and we’ll take care of the rest.