Our Story

Our story started with love, our love for dogs. Jessy, the owner, had to travel for work and she felt the sadness of leaving her furry best friend. During her travel, she would contact the facility where she left her dog named Tam, and she was assured that everything was going great. However, when she came back from her long travel, she noticed something was wrong with her furry best friend. She realized that while she was away, her dog was in her cage all day long. Her enthusiastic fury best friend developed behavioral issues.

Jessy saw the need for reliable dog hotels, so no pet owners have to be bear the guilt she once felt. She has been a Veterinary Specialist for five years. With her experience and good intentions, she built Hondenpension Fryskelan along with her trusted friends who are also working on the same field.

What We are Now

Hondenpension Fryskelan is now one of the most trusted dog hotels in Leeuwarden, Netherlands.

With our state-of-the-art facility and trained staffs, we are sure that your dog will enjoy the stay with us. We work 24/7 to keep things organized, clean, and harmonious in the hotel.

Before entrusting your dog to us, we will ask series of questions to meet the individualized care needed. We follow a strict schedule and take note of special instructions provided by the pet owners. There will be Vets in the hotel in case of emergency, so you can be worry-free.