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Day Care and Boarding

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Scheduled Feeding

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Our pets are like family. Most of the time, leaving them because of long travels, work, and other personal reasons could be challenging. Dog parents want to ensure that their pets will be loved and sheltered when they are not around, especially if they have to be away for days. Back in the old times, dog parents’ options were either to leave their dog at a kernel or hire a sitter. Today, more options are made available for pet lovers: boarding services, dog hotels, dog parks, and more. Despite of having many options at your disposal, you still have to do your homework of finding out the best choice for your dog. Here at Hondenpension Fryskelan, we only not care about your dogs, we also care about you. We know how much your dog means to you, and it is our duty to ensure the wellness and safety of your dog while you are away.


Scheduled Feeding

They will not go hungry nor grumpy while they are with us. We’ll make sure that they eat on time based on their diet and special instructions you provided us.

Clean and well-maintained facility

We meticulously follow our cleaning routine to keep the facility clean and smell-free.

Safe and happy environment

Cuddling time with your dog will be more fun if your dog smells great. Here at Hondenpension Fryskelan, we use a wide range of pet care products for every need.


Your dog will surely meet new friends in the hotel. The facility should have enough space for your dog to run around and have fun. Check out where your dog will sleep, eat, and play. It will give you peace of mind knowing that your dog will be comfortable and safe. Our facility is designed to give your dog a wonderful experience.

Choosing the Best Package and Maximizing Coupons at the Same Time

Learn more about our service package and determine the best package for your dog needs. We are very specific to the brand we use for food and pet care. Also, keep in mind the other services that your dog might need such as grooming and special training. It might be an extra expense for dog owners, but we have offers & coupons that could balance the situation. We accept coupons on products for certain brands, too. This way, you are doing your dog a favor without hurting your budget so much.

Mental Note on Cleanliness

Dog hotels are palatial place to be but never forget that no matter how extravagant they are, cleanliness and maintenance of the facility should be the priority. Pungent smell in facilities such as dog hotels is not normal. Make sure that they comply to the industry standards. You don’t want your dog to get infected with parasites and worst of all, disease. That is a scary thought for a pet owner, we know how you feel. That is why, we exert our best effort to keep things neat and tidy. Not only we keep industry standard procedures but we go the extra mile in providing a clean environment your pet deserves.

A Hotel that Cares

The last but not the least, you want people who will represent you while you’re gone. This part requires sound judgement of the pet owner. Dog parents know when their dogs are happy, sad, and or sick. It’s a connection driven by love. Our staffs are dog lovers, and at the same time, they are trained and know what to do in times of emergency. They will surely treat your dog with tender loving care with a professional touch that you won’t find in other dog hotels.